My Little Overachiever

Thomas played his first football game last week. I don’t mean his first football game of the year; I mean his first football game ever. He came home on the first day of school and announced he was going to play football. I blame my sister-in-law: her entire Fall wardrobe is in school colors and she needs an excuse to wear it out. (Just joking- I love you Sheran!)

I have kinda mixed feelings about Thomas playing football. On the one hand: football? Some of you may remember a previously published diatribe discourse on football, a game I know nothing about. Football, from my perspective, is basically four quarters of violence, lacking all the grace of baseball, the style of basketball and the purity of running.

On the other hand: football is the gateway to inclusion and (dare I say it?) girls.

First Football Game 2013

So far I’ll have to admit that football has been good for Thomas. Practice is wearing him out, but it’s also teaching him some discipline and teamwork. At last week’s game, Thomas allowed the other team to score, but in each play after, he improved. And best of all, his attitude was good. He was a little frustrated as his lack of knowledge, but he was mostly determined to learn what to do and do it right next time. He’s my little overachiever. (smile)

Ultimately I guess I’m glad Thomas is playing football this year. If he hates it, he’ll learn that and we can move on to other activities. If he loves it, then I guess we’ll all learn about football.


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