Homecoming 2013

Crazy Hair Day

Homecoming 2013 

Aunt Sheran and cousin Amberli really did a great job. Which made it all the more annoying when Emma showed reluctance to participate- she was afraid everyone would be looking at her. Well isn’t that the point of Crazy Hair Day?!

Honestly, I sympathize; we’ve all felt that way. I just pray for my girls to have the confidence to embrace their weirdness and make the most of it. In the end they enjoyed the day. I hope we can have more like it


2 thoughts on “Homecoming 2013

  1. It’s a lot more fun when you decide to like you for who God created you to be! I always felt awkward.But one day I decided I liked being the weird one! And as you know I have embraced the weirdness that is me and more often than not it’s a happy life! They’ll get it, and if they don’t send ’em to me! Lol

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