Together Again

Bffw and I have some pretty fundamental parenting differences. For example she wants more children and I do not. She homeschools; I do not. Her kids don’t have to get to have breakfast cereal for supper three times a week occasionally. Mine do. One of our most basic parenting differences is that she likes to keep her kids close at home and I send mine out with nearly anyone who asks.

For nearly a month now my kids have been scattered to the four winds. Visits to Granne and Papa’s, Lala’s, Aunt Sheran’s, Youth Camp and MusiCamp have kept our house pretty quiet except an odd couple of days here and there when the laundry room ran full time in preparation for the next trip. Jack’s been run ragged getting everyone where they want to be.

This weekend marks the halfway point of our summer. Six weeks are spent and six weeks still remain. This weekend also marks the return of all travelers. Once again we’ll be all under the same roof.







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