High Plains Education Services


Okay, since so many one of you asked (thank you Jenna), here’s the skinny on our new business venture:

One thing I’ve notice in my line of work is that apart from substance abuse, the number one root cause of criminal behavior is lack of alternative coping skills. More bluntly put, common sense ain’t common no more. Sadly, lack of common sense runs in families; very often our caseload hosts generations of families because no one –for years- has ever learned another way of doing things.

As I’ve mentioned before, rehabilitation in the pursuit of socially responsible behavior is a very high priority in our Department. In an effort to encourage positive social values and healthy behaviors, our local courts often order folks to participate in classes structured to model, teach and reinforce skills that help identify bad choices and instill alternative behaviors.

That’s where High Plains Education Services comes in. With Jack’s teaching skills and compassionate heart and my … well, my built-in clientele and motivational … gifts, we are tailor-made for this venture. Y’all check out our website and like our Facebook page. And I’ll ask y’all to pray too. This is a real opportunity for Jack and me to not only earn a little much needed extra money, but also to minister to hurting families and strengthen our community. As Michael Scott would say, “It’s a WIN WIN WIN!”



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