More Like the Hawaiian Military Then Say, the German Military

It was a weekend that demanded military precision: Jack was out of town (with our vehicle,) Aunt Jo was visiting from East Texas and promised lasagna at Grandma Alma’s house, Thomas’ Jr. High was hosting a basketball tournament –providing an excellent opportunity to see some friends kid’s play ball-, Emma was invited to spend the day in Lubbock with a friend, Liz had a birthday party to attend and bff was co-host of a Thirty One party I wanted attend. Careful planning, flawless timing and enthusiastic cooperation would be required to fulfill all commitments and still have time to enjoy the occasional book chapter, sappy movie and nap clean house and do laundry.

After borrowing SIL’s mobile tack room, I carefully planned our agenda, incorporating necessary trips to the grocery store and Hobby Lobby. I even managed to RSVP for everything and off we went, confident in my schedule and ready to do battle with a smile.

Friends, I can proudly report that a full ½ of my brilliant, precise strategy (the ½ that had nothing to do with me) was successful! Jack did leave for Dallas Friday morning without mishap, the lasagna and company at Grandma’s was superb and Emma had a marvelous time with her friends. Everything else was a fabulous crap shoot.

I RSVP-ed to the birthday party and the Thirty One party for the wrong days and even after being corrected, still somehow managed to show up an hour early to one and not at all to the other.  We never did make it to a basketball game, although we did manage to drive to Clovis three different times. We got groceries and spent way-too-much in Hobby Lobby. The house got a slap and a tickle and we finished a couple loads of laundry between book chapters and sappy movies.

All in all, a good weekend. Hope yours was as nice. Hang loose.


6 thoughts on “More Like the Hawaiian Military Then Say, the German Military

  1. This is one of my favorite posts. I love it when my big sis is “Human” isn’t that childish of me. You have to understand the “perfection” that I was oppressed with every day of my young life, trying to be like my big sis! You go girl, welcome to the wonderful world of imperfection!

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