My View From The Fiscal Cliff

The first major goal-busting event of the new year usually hits around the first full week of January. You’ve packed away all the holiday decorations -neatly and logically organized this time. You’ve filled your cute 2013 calendar with fun plans and good intentions goals. And now you’re transferring all your necessaries into the great new purse you gave yourself for Christmas when disaster strikes: your old purse -the purse that seemed so adorable and necessary two months ago but now seems tired and stale- is filled with receipts. Receipts for gifts you gave others, receipts for gifts you gave yourself, receipts for gas you used traveling to loved ones and receipts for the food you ate with those loved ones.

The pile of floating receipts grows enormous and absolutely disheartening. The pile reminds you that the busyness and general positive energy of the holiday season has once again tricked you in spending more than you intended. The pile mocks your budget and claims of frugality. The pile says with a very loud voice that you’re starting from behind- again.

But wait! What’s that shifting through my evil pile of receipts? It’s different … greenish with no purple register ink … why! why, yes! it’s money, actual money! I have cash! We are soo going out at lunch!


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