2013: The Madcap Year

Today is January 1, 2013, the first day of what I’ve decided will be an intentionally chaotic year. To be intentional means to be deliberate and purposeful. Chaos releases the messy and unchartered. This year I want to deliberately and purposefully plan a year full of messes, laughter, discovery and happy accidents. I spend so much of my time as a mother attempting to teach responsibility and respect, that I forget to teach adventure and joy. I want there to be less quibbling over the Netflix queue and more squealing over unexplored roads. I want there to be loud music and Dagwood sandwiches and aching smile muscles. I want there to be wet towels and paint-spattered tables and muddy footprints. I want my husband and kids –and whomever else we drag along- to remember 2013 as madcap, carefree, and daring.

And so I’m making a list. A list of all the madcap, carefree, daring events I can plan, month by month, paycheck by paycheck. Reality is reality for a reason you know.


4 thoughts on “2013: The Madcap Year

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