Election Blues

Is anyone else as confused as I am about the upcoming Presidential Election? Am I the only voter who feels as if neither candidate/party has any real interest in repairing our country’s woes? That party politics rather than national progress have become the focus of our elected officials, and that opponent-bashing, rather than personal responsibility have taken over the campaign process?

In an effort to cast an educated vote on November 6, I’ve been doing a little research into President Obama’s and Governor Romney’s plans for our future. What I’ve found is that both candidates seemed strapped for cash if the constant bombardment of Donate Now buttons is any indication. Once I finally did stumble upon the candidate’s thoughts on the issues facing our country, I was very impressed both by President Obama’s simplicity and Governor Romney’s grasp of complex issues. Did you know the average American reads on a 8th or 9th grade level? President Obama does.

Both candidates seem to agree on the basic problems we’re facing: the Economy, Education, Energy, Healthcare, National Security, and Taxes & the Budget. Each party identifies its pet issue; Obama lists equal rights prominently and Romney’s down on big government. Everybody seems to agree that whatever the issue, it’s the other guy’s fault.

As government classes across the nation take advantage of this opportunity to share the election process live and in person, I pray that students are proud and excited by what our founding fathers built. I pray that candidates and issues seize them and shoot them out into the world ready to defend principles and make change. I pray that the apathy I’m experiencing this election season is a short-term virus, not a symptom of a more serious ailment in our nation.



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