Wonder Women

If you’re my Facebook friend you might have noticed all the Wonder Woman quotes lately. In an effort to stop ‘creeping’ and actually engage –even though I don’t really have anything to say- I picked a few of my favorite (read: snarkiest) Wonder Woman quotes to share. They may not reflect my actual status for the day, but they definitely reflect my status at some point.

I love Wonder Woman. While not a huge comic book fan, my sister and I used to watch both the Lynda Carter prime-time series and Saturday morning Super Friends religiously. Ella was always a Batman fan, but I loved Superman and Wonder Woman. The invisible plane, the Lasso of Truth, the bullet-proof bracelets, the hair; how could you NOT want to be her?!

A couple years ago I started buying Wonder Woman swag for Ella because that’s who she was and is to me: a Wonder Woman. She’s strong, wise, determined, caring, brave, and beautiful. She does good and she don’t take any crap while doing it. Recently she started giving the loot right back, which makes me smile. You should see my Wonder Woman Kindle Coveroo. SOO COOL!

Most of the Facebook quotes are taken from the Justice League Unlimited animated television series. It’s the Super Friends all grown up –even a little PG-13- complete with a Superman/Bat Man/Wonder Woman love triangle and lots of smart*** banter and dialogue. These superheroes have fought together a long time and know each other well. Really it’s just like the friendship I share with my sister. Except there is no love triangle. And we don’t wear uncomfortable costumes. Or fight crime. Hmmm … Well, maybe not just like, but there is a lot of smart*** banter!


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