Emma Celebrates 10 Years

Our middle child has entered the pre-teen world. Bring it on puberty, pop culture, fashion and … dare I say it… boys. Enter self-identity, independence and morality. I am ready to reign as most stupid person on earth. I have built up an immunity to eye-rolling and heavy sighs. I have God and a posse on speed dial.

Emma celebrated her 10th birthday Monday by sharing supper with family including all her favorites: grilled hamburgers, potato salad, coleslaw, homemade Butterfinger ice cream (thanks to some wrangling she did with Uncle Willie) and angel cake and strawberries.

Then last night -in a girls-only expedition- she, Liz, Aunt Sheran, the cousins and I visited Claire’s to get her ears pierced. Emma, a renowned needle-freak, was very brave and our pierceologist was knowledgeable and patient. The upshot?; we had a very good experience and her ears are beautiful!

But the fun’s not over: we’ve promised Emma and her bff Macie bowling and a sleepover so stay tuned!


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