My Dream/Retirement Plan

Well, I’m seven weeks away from completing my BAS in Human Services and I’ve decided I want to become a librarian. I can’t remember a time in my life when I couldn’t read and some of my favorite memories are of reading in a safe, comfortable spot like the laundry room or the porch swing. I remember the cool, colorful shelves of the Elementary library and I remember the joy and power I felt when I got my first public library card.

There’s a little house across the street from our city park that used to be someone’s home, before it was someone’s business, before it sat empty for nine or ten years. Many times I’ve driven by that house guessing at the footprint, estimating the work needed and dreaming of the day I’d open a public library/book shop from there. I was gonna put Jack in charge of children’s programing and have outreach programs to the local jail and nursing home. I was hoping our local dentist and newspaper owner would help establish a historical research room and possibly even have a good sized parlor for parties and meetings. I was gonna have after-school and summer tutoring, book-themed events and civic programs. It was gonna be so fun and so pretty. A real enhancement to our community.

And then some guy from out of town bought the house.

He says he doesn’t know what he’s gonna do with it. He thinks my idea is “cute”. My library is gone and I’m sad.

But wait. There’s an empty lot across the street from the park to the south. Maybe I could build my library from scratch! I could pattern it after the original city hotel that used to stand there! This is great; where’s my legal pad?


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