2012 Week Seven

We had a very nice Valentine’s Day. Jack and I exchanged flowers and movie tickets and the kids were absolutely swimming in sweets. We celebrated Liz’s birthday with supper and some fun gifts. Grandma Jackie gave Liz the sweetest poster of puppies, but I’m pretty sure her favorite gift so far has been the folding money.

We were touched that Thomas and Emma both spent money of their own to buy Liz something for her birthday despite Emma’s worry that it might be offensive to spend money she received for her own birthday on someone else. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Oh, the traumas and dramas of the tween years. I have a very clear memory of a sleepless night spent worrying about my lack of funds and my parent’s upcoming anniversary. I know I had to be older than 11 because we were living in Brookston, but I couldn’t have been much older than that because I had a job by 13. I feel very blessed that my –and Emma’s- worries were not more serious.

Jack took Liz to a maxillofacial dentist this week. She has a pearl tooth coming in in such a way that its roots are causing problems with her incoming permanent teeth. The super-dentist wants to cut it out, a 45-minute procedure that takes place under sedation. I’m not too thrilled about the sedation part, but I guess that’s something I’ll have to pray about. Y’all pray with me please.

We managed to lock three –yes, I said three- sets of keys in the pickup this week (thankfully all at the same time, otherwise I really would’ve looked stupid.) Yeah, I locked my keys in with my purse and then found out Jack left the spare key he had been using -because he can’t find his keys, which are in the floorboard of the pickup- in the cup-holder. Oh …  joy. Thankfully the local PD sent their new officer to my rescue (at no charge!). At which time I further embarrassed myself by introducing myself to a man who I’d been talking on the phone with (in the course of everyday work), for over three years. What a great day.

And finally in this Week Of Liz we had a birthday party Saturday. Our friend Andi made the cutest cake and Liz had a wonderful time with her friends. I had a wonderful time with my friends and family too. We should do stuff together more often, don’t y’all think?



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