2012 Week Six

I’m free, I’m free, I’m free! All my finals are complete and submitted and I’m free!

For one week. I’ve already registered and bought books for the next semester (Psychology of Personality, Psychology of Parenting, Jesus and the Gospels and Exit Seminar) which starts February 20. But did you see that last class I listed? It says Exit Seminar! After this next semester I’ll only lack three classes- one of which is a one-hour PE class. I’m sooo close! Y’all please keep praying.

At the risk of inviting those to whom I owe money to come crawling out of the woodwork I’ll report that we received our income tax return this week. I had the distinct pleasure of being able to write checks for full balances and file away several of those invoices we had been ‘paying out’. We’ve put the remainder away for future plumbing costs and are very thankful to be able to do that. In case y’all haven’t noticed the economy is in the crapper.

Jack had very good news from the bariatric surgeon: his insurance is no longer requiring the 90-day dietician-directed diet before surgery. We won’t know exactly what this means for Jack until he meets with the surgeon again (an appointment will be made following Jack’s 02-20 appointment with cardiologist), but it sounds like answered prayer to me!

And in other good news, we had snow this past weekend. About an inch I think. Now I’m praying that it has time to melt and soak in before the wind blows it all away…

I’ll close with this photo of proof that red-neck engineering is strong with our people.

Yes, those are dresses (and boots) are made of duct tape. Aren’t they brilliant!? I’m so proud!


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