2012 Week One

Happy New Year!

We started off the New Year with a long, lazy day at home watching movies and eating Hoppin’ John and coleslaw. Did you have your good luck black-eyed peas and cabbage this year?

Jack’s mother was finally able to move back into her own home after three months of post-funeral and post-surgery healing, followed by a massive flood cause by a burst pipe. Since all her things had to be shuffled to avoid water damage, she’s embarked on a major cleaning project that has so far involved everyone who’s not tied down by work or school. Those dorms and desks are looking better every day aren’t they guys?

We’re experiencing plumbing problems of our own. The bottom line is that thanks to the giant elm in the backyard we need a new sewer line between the house and the alley. The problem is that it’s too cold and frosty to dig that line until Spring so it looks like we’re in for regular roto-rootering until then. Is it too late to start praying for a substantial tax return?

The kids headed back to school with mixed feelings I think. I know everyone was excited to see their friends and teachers again, but not everyone was as excited about a new semester of learning. I’d say ‘resigned’ would be a better descriptor than ‘excited.’ Emma is starting the semester with a new teacher since her former teacher decided not to return to class after having a baby. Emma’s pleased; she says her new teacher is “real sweet,” so they ought to get on famously.

Excited or not they are there and after Friday’s parent/teacher conferences I can say they’re doing well there. Actually ‘average’ was the one I heard most often. After mid-year testing Emma and Liz are sitting right smack dab in the center of the average box on the graph. Thomas is right there with them; however, in Thomas’ case this is big news. This past school year we have really seen him fly, both academically and socially. Friday he took a science benchmark and made the highest grade in the class! He even bested K, one of the girls in his little klatch of friends and “you know her, she’s the smartest one …”.

Jack and I spent part of Saturday working on the nephews’ foot lockers. Sister wanted these pretty little benches w/storage in the seats, but we pledged to build more substantial and roomier boxes for each of the boys. We didn’t get them finished before Christmas, but we’re planning to deliver when I meet her in Wichita Falls later this month. I’m hoping this little project will put us in the mood to continue work on our house. Between projects for Ella’s house of course!


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