9 On The Ninth: TV I Love

As a true American, I feel it’s my duty to watch as much television as possible. For many reasons –including a busy class schedule and R-rated tastes in a PG-rated household- I consider the dvr and streaming Netflix to be two of the greatest inventions of all time (along with microwave popcorn and Hot Tamales), as they allow me to watch the television I want, when I want it. So, in no particular order, I give you 9 (on the Ninth) television programs I will be watching this Fall season:

  1. Breaking Bad: from mild-mannered chemistry teacher to kingpin of the drug trade, who couldn’t root for Walter White? WARNING: This show will SUCK! YOU! IN!
  2. Desperate Housewives: Yes, I realize I’m the last person in the nation to get hooked, but hooked I am. I’m watching from the beginning on streaming Netflix and will dvr the Final Season so I don’t miss a minute.
  3. NCIS: Still one the best shows on tv. And I’m pretty sure they couldn’t solve a crime without me- I’m one of the team. I know I’m not pretty and lethal like Ziva, or brainy and edgy like Abby. I’m more doofy like Tony, and look more like an early McGee. BUT, Gibbs needs me there. He told me so in a dreeeeam.
  4. Dexter: Dexter comes to us via Netflix DVD so we’re a season behind. We’ll get started on Season 5 tonight so DON’T SAY ANYTHING THAT’LL RUIN MY ENDINGS!
  5. Fringe: Ditto with Fringe. Yeah, between Dexter and Fringe, my kids will not be seeing many Netflix movies in the near future. AND, the new season of Fringe will be coming to a dvr near you (that is if you live anywhere near me) very, very soon!
  6. Sons of Anarchy: We just discovered this jewel and are catching up on streaming Netflix while dvr-ing (yes that a verb) the new episodes. Motorcycles, Charlie Hunnam, charming Charming, Charlie Hunnam, sex/drugs/rock-n-roll, Charlie Hunnam … What more could you want in a tv show?
  7. In Plain Sight: I love, love, love this show. Mary gets to say all the things I’m thinking in my head. Speaking of which, I’m more than a little perturbed that we left dear Mary IN LABOR. What! The! … Poohberries!???
  8. 30 Rock: I’m waiting (patiently, I might add) for Season 5 of 30 Rock to come to Netflix. This is one I watch alone, as Jack doesn’t really think it’s all that funny. He won’t watch Mr. Bean with me and the kids either. Okay, that’s fine. Just don’t expect me NOT to laugh during Warehouse 13 and Legend Quest.
  9. And finally, a show I’d like to give a try: Pan Am. “Passion, adventure, espionage …” What could go wrong with that formula?

2 thoughts on “9 On The Ninth: TV I Love

  1. You are a nut!!! I do not have the same taste in TV as you, but we are just making up for all of those times when dad had the clicker and moms sewing machine made it impossible to watch.
    I am watching Friday Night Lights from the beginning and am in love with decorating shows!

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