Cheer Camp 2011

Emma and Liz attended Cheer Camp this past weekend at which, SIL Sheran was kind enough to take pictures.

Liz and friends with Varsity Cheerleader

Emma with Varsity Cheerleader

There was a performance at the end of Camp.

If enthusiasm has anything to do with it, both girls are ready for NCAA scholarships.


2 thoughts on “Cheer Camp 2011

  1. Reagan performed last Friday night with the Little Majorettes, during the first quarter of the game. Neither Gary nor I could talk ourselves into going to the game. Billy was there, because Deana was inducted into De Kalb’s Athletic Hall of Fame that night, and he said he missed Reagan entirely. Of course, Christie has had her twirling since she could walk. Her first baton was bought before her first birthday, and was just a little longer than a chopstick. She has competed in tournaments since she was about 4, and has won state competitions twice (in her age group). However, quite a bit of what she has learned has been from students of Christie’s, because she just will not listen to what her Mother says. I wonder where she gets her hardheadedness. I say that because both of her parents still have their own hard heads!

  2. Both girls look great, and I’m sure are very good at leading cheers! Actually, both cheerleading and being a majorette are great for poise, coordination and promoting athleticism. Good for your girls!

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