A Return to Sanity

I don’t know who was more excited that school started this week, Jack or the kids.

Liz is in 1st grade, Emma in 3rd and Thomas in 5th- this is the first and last year they will all be in the same building together.

They all have great teachers and we’re looking forward to an exciting year. We’re especially excited that Thomas’s class (and on a smaller scale, Emma’s) is rotating amongst five different teachers, allowing the teachers to teach their strengths and give each subject more focus and giving the kids a taste of Jr. High life. It’s gonna be great.

On a side note: I started classes again the 15th. This semester I’m taking Abnormal Psychology, College Algebra and Criminology.



Y’all please be praying about that Algebra class. I’m in way over my head. In this case, ‘C’ is for celebration (probably with cookies and go ahead and give yourself a cookie if you know to whom I’m referring).


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