Last night we got rain for the first time in over four months. It was loud and blustery and mix with hail and dirt and I enjoyed every minute of it! You see, while other parts of the nation are floating away, we’re shriveling up. It seems the weather, much like the economy, isn’t fair and partial.

However, God is in control and I’m working on being grateful in the shriveling times as well as in the plumping up times. So, the next few days will find me gleefully praising God as I mow. And clean the pool. And kill ants. And water trees and flower beds and garden containers, because as glorious as the rain was, it’s not enough to keep my babies healthy.


One thought on “Rain

  1. rain, what is that???? we have had showers the last three weeks, just enough to praise the Lord for and try not to be selfish, it has kept my garden trying to go, just a few squash, the okra did not like the cool weather we had for so long and now is suffering in the heat!!
    love and miss you,

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