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So I added another widget to the right there. This one’s supposed to track what I’m reading, what I’ve read and what I plan to read with Amazon’s shelfari. I still can’t get my shelf to come up, but if you click on the stack of books it’ll take you to my shelfari page. It’s a start.

shelfari’s pretty cool by the way. I spent some time trying to decide whether or not I should attempt adding everything I can remember reading so there’d be a better picture of what I enjoy, but I finally went ahead with Jack’s suggestion of adding titles as I read them or as I came across them while adding new. This plan makes my bookshelf a little heavy with only a few authors right now, but my ‘reading profile’ should flesh out as I continue to add books.

Speaking of reading, next week marks the end of the AR reading period and it’s looking like Thomas is gonna be 25 or points short of his goal and therefore won’t be able to attend the party. I wish he and Emma could share points because she nearly 40 points above her goal. It’s disappointing because he’s worked so hard, but looking back, we should’ve worked a lot harder in the beginning of the year. {sigh} Oh well there’s always next year. The local library’s summer reading program starts in a couple of weeks. With Thomas’ steel-trap mind I think if we keep a list of everything he reads over the summer he’ll be able to test on them when the new AR year starts. Is that cheating?

But yea Emma, right?! 40 points over her goal and that’s while reading little 2-point books. She’s very excited about the summer reading program because there’s prizes and a whole bigger, different library to choose books from. I’m starting her a list. Any suggestions? She blows through shorter chapter books. I’ve seen her finish one before we even get home from the library. This child is definitely mine.

Enough about reading.

What can I eat while I’m reading?



2 thoughts on “Book Menu: shelfari

  1. found it and that is soooooo super, i am so proud of you!!!! weight loss and Thomas, keep up the good work, did Emma beat that boy??? she can test on books she has already read—go Emma,

    Thomas we will do something else cause i know you worked hard and i know you are proud of yourself!!!

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