A New Challenge

You may recall that Jack’s orthopedic surgeon referred him to a bariatric surgeon for gastric bypass in an effort to alleviate the weight and pressure on Jack’s joints before hip/knee surgery. Last week Jack and I traveled to Wichita Falls to get this particular ball rolling.

The upshot? To meet insurance requirements Jack must lose 50 pounds within the next three months on a doctor/dietician-monitored diet. Once done, they will schedule bypass surgery.

The diet? Protein shakes and salads/steamed veggies with reasonable servings of beef, poultry, pork or fish. No carbonated beverages. No caffeine. No juice or fruit. We’re also expected to exercise five days a week, Jack in the pool, me on the streets.

Yes, I said we. I’m gonna do this three months with Jack in an effort to build some healthy eating habits for us all to use post-surgery. My first weight loss goal is 30 pounds, which would bring my weight down to what it was when I started this blog. (Yes, I’ve gained nearly 30 pounds in the last 19 months. Sad I know.) My ultimate goal is a healthy, size 12-14.

My plan is to follow the plan Jack’s been given for the first month. During month two I plan to gradually start adding healthy breakfasts to my menu and then in month three I’ll add healthy lunches. I don’t believe we can live on protein shakes for the rest of our lives. They are a good weight loss tool, but not a way of life.  

Here’s where you come in. I’ve added a couple progress trackers to the right and I’m asking you to help keep me accountable. I’ll weigh and measure each Monday morning and update the trackers after. I’m asking that if you see a lack of progress or reporting that you call me on it. And I’m asking that you’ll pray for us. I’ve blown off plenty of diets in the past, but this is a lifestyle change that our family HAS to make. Now. Not only for Jack’s continued recovery, but also for my health and the kids’.

So. Once more into the breach my friends … Here we go!


6 thoughts on “A New Challenge

  1. I have been using Sparkpeople for a little over a month and I have lost 15 lbs!!! you can do and I would love to be your accountability partner…we could be good for each other…i mean better for each other!!!! love ya

  2. Yea, Jack; yea, KC! I will keep praying for you. I have always been proud of you–just another proud moment. Much love to all!!

  3. I will go on the journey with you, i need to lose 30 pounds and it will lower in insurance rate!
    i love you and will lay off the circus peanuts for a few months!!

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