A Storybook Easter

We Smallwoods had a storybook Easter this year complete with Easter pageants and egg hunts and new dresses and ham and deviled eggs. There were even patches of green grass! What follows is our Easter Week itinerary with commentary. It’s not the royal wedding but there are more pictures of Liz.
  • Saturday, April 16: spent the day buying groceries and being frustrated by the lack of suitable ‘church’ dresses for young girls. FINALLY found acceptable clothing and shoes only to be stranded by a dead pickup battery. Enter a kind stranger and AutoZone and we were good to go.
  • Sunday, April 17: attended church with Jack’s family at which the children of several of our good friends performed an Easter pageant and two of the kid’s friends were baptized. Lunched with family and then scrambled to our church’s annual Easter egg hunt. Three Easter baskets and two WalMart sacks FULL of candy later, we relaxed for the day.                             
  • Wednesday, April 20: attended RAs and God’s Girls where the God’s Girls teacher (aka me) used the girls blatant lack of respect as a teaching tool about how sin separates us from God. And in this case our friends. And also in this case candy prizes. It wasn’t as educational as it was angry. But it did get them to sit and listen for 10 minutes. Which is all I was asking for.
  • Thursday, April 21: hid eggs for and attended Liz’s Kindergarten Easter egg hunt. I’ll let you draw your own picture by sharing that there were six labeled eggs per child, a piñata and one mother who did not attend, much to the … disappointment of her lovely child.
  • Friday –Good Friday, April 22: we mowed and otherwise cleaned up the yard in preparation for yet another Easter egg hunt and then the kids colored eggs and spent the night at SIL’s while Jack and I laid ground cloth in flower beds in preparation for mulch. (Mulch that has still not been spread.)
  • Saturday, April 23: bought yet more groceries and clothes. Did not clean house. Did not finish flowerbeds. Did not get Thomas a haircut. However: Did get everyone clean and Did get the ham in the oven on time.
  • Sunday, April 24: Easter. Found and donned new Easter finery. Attended church (with Jack’s family as our guests) where Emma and Pyper sang a special. Returned home for lunch of ham, baked potato salad, mashed potatoes, pea salad, green salad, hot rolls and ice cream (it’s a Smallwood thing). Watch twenty-somethings hide eggs. Watched twenty-somethings follow children as they hunted eggs. Ate candy. Watched family leave as Jack feel asleep in his chair. Napped. Put all Easter decoration and candy away. Watched ‘Lemonade Mouth’ with Emma. Made A LOT of deviled eggs. Ate a lot of deviled eggs. Crashed.


3 thoughts on “A Storybook Easter

  1. what a perfect week!! we had fun too, Max was all alone and feeling it somewhat, busy days with lots of things to do, raining at home, California–beautiful, Luke was great–he is a good navigator and big help with the kids, loved the egg hunt, and all the fun machines!!
    as Ella says, Jon is our Peter Pan—just like my brother!
    i love you and miss you all

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