Diarrhea Of The Mouth

I can be bossy.

And opinionated.

And judgmental.

I usually try to hide the truly ugly side (not my snarky side; everybody gets to enjoy that) of my personality from all but my very closest friends and family (lucky them!), but lately I’ve been out of control.

I’ve inflicted shared my opinions too freely.

I’ve voiced judgments that have not been carefully vetted.

I’ve shared things I shouldn’t have.

I’ve gossiped.

In my heart, I’ve been disrespectful.

I’ve not been a good example.

I’ve not shown God’s love.

Thankfully I was made aware of this bad turn of attitude by a very good friend who loves me and suggested a more humble path before my diarrhea of the mouth gets me in serious trouble.

I have apologies to make.


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