Whew! This Week Was A Doozy

Here are the highlights:

  • Jack’s visit to the orthopedic specialist leads to another good news/bad news report. The good news is that we liked the doctor very well. He is the first we’ve seen that identified and acknowledged the problems and then laid out a specific plan for solving them. The bad news is that he feels Jack should have bariatric surgery to relieve the pressure on Jack’s joints before he replaces his hips and knees. Yes, I said hips AND knees. It’s a long road ahead people. Please keep praying.
  • I’ve hit the track running this spring semester. I’m taking Marriage and the Family on Monday nights, Forensic Psychology on Tuesday nights and Physical Geology online. Jack has promised to help with that last one.
  • Thomas took the writing portion of the TAKS test Tuesday. He feels very confident about what he wrote. We’re praying that part of being 504ed as dyslexic includes reading his writing submission aloud, because while Thomas’ writing is very strong, his spelling is VERY phonetic.
  • God’s Girls completed a great series of lessons on self-worth this week. Check out the God’s Girls blog for the details.
  • Jack hosted the latest RA Camp planning meeting at FBC Muleshoe this past Thursday night. He cooked ham (provided by his in-laws, Cooks brand of course), red beans and cornbread. I supplemented with pickles, jalapenos, onion and corn tortillas. The meal was a hit and they blasted through the 3-PAGE agenda in record time. Camp is coming together! Only four and a half more months to go.
  • The girls and I had a little girl-time while Jack and Thomas went with the rest of the RAs to a lock-in in Shallowater over the weekend. We didn’t do anything special. Just hung out together. I love how well Emma and Liz play together these days. They disappear into their room for hours and giggle. That’s valuable.
  • We were back to church yesterday after missing a couple weeks. It was good to be home.
  • Jack spent about six hours helping me with that geology class yesterday. He helped while I finished Jan Karon’s new Father Tim book In the Company of Others. I did feel a little guilty, but he offered to help and I’d hate to thwart a cheerful giver. Ms. Karon’s book is excellent by the way.

This week consists of an attempt to get the house back under control, some plumbing work at the in-laws and some flowerbed recovery. Plus work and school and church. But that’s it! Nothing else. Unless someone asks of course.


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