Assignment Submissions Welcome

Contrary to blog evidence, I have been writing lately.

A lot in fact.

Just not here.

This is my week off between semesters and the first week since Christmas that I haven’t had an essay or reaction paper or presentation due in one class or another. I’ve written about assessing threats of school violence, weight bias, cultural awareness, parenting and flowers. I put together a portfolio consisting only of cartoons based on social psychology chapter headings. I wrote a seven-page report about being Texan. (Jack put together a Power Point slide show for that presentation. We wowed them!) I ranted about the Huckleberry Finn changes like I did here on the blog. I’ve been writing a lot.

But here, I’m having a hard time. I can’t think of what to say. Maybe I need an assignment.



3 thoughts on “Assignment Submissions Welcome

  1. I was just thinking that something on the order of the loss of two matriarchs in the Eubanks family should be noted. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of Winona’s death. We had a big family dinner to celebrate her life & example. It won’t be long til the anniversary of MeMa’s. What say you?

  2. joy of getting everything on your list (a la liz)
    joy of a day off work
    change, hard or easy?
    funerals—why or why not???
    ugly motherinlaw comments

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