Things I Could Blog About, But Don’t Feel Like Blogging About

Things I could blog about, but don’t feel like blogging about:

  • the weather
  • Thomas’ bout with reflux
  • my Spring sememster schedule
  • the assignments I have left to complete before the end of the Winter semester
  • missing lunch with BFFW for 5th Monday in a row
  • 2010 tax return
  • these burning questions regarding my children: is Emma dealing with a bully? has Thomas started puberty? how many kids should I invite to Liz’s birthday party given her teacher says she doesn’t interact much- all of them, none of them, the list she gave me?
  • missing three weeks of God’s Girls, but still having nothing more than a lesson title for this coming Wednesday
  • my new love for ‘Fringe’
  • the kid’s PIP performance, including photos
  • not calling Kaley on her birthday even though I thought of it several times
  • my MIL’s fall and subsequent damage
  • my in-law’s lack of water if the wind-chill drops below freezing and how frustrating that is to me
  • the fact that I haven’t mailed Luke’s birthday present OR the Christmas/New Year’s/Valentine’s Day cards yet.
  • Jack’s doctor’s appointments.
  • Jack’s automobile accident.
  • my apathy about blogging and/or reading blogs and how I soo don’t want this to be another thing I start and then stop, never to be looked at again.

Aren’t you glad I’m back?


4 thoughts on “Things I Could Blog About, But Don’t Feel Like Blogging About

  1. i am so glad you are back,
    can i help with assignments?
    need a sitter
    did you ever get to go on mini vacation?
    miss you so much

  2. I won’t give my thoughts/comments on all your issues but the most productive think I did while snowed in last week was e-file my 2010 tax return. Yay me!! As to Liz’s party, I’d go with her list (unless you are worried about offending someone not on it). On second thought, go with her list anyway, it’s her party.

    One last thought – as to school, you can do it. And when you are finished it will have been worth it.

    Love ya.

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