Observe and Report

A bulleted list of unrelated observations and a report on our parent/teacher meetings:

  • I got new boots for Christmas (thank you Jack!) and they have about a 2 ½” heel, something I’m not used to. I’ve observed that when I wear them my posture is better. I’ve also observed that I walk more slowly. Balance and grace have never been my strong points.
  • Have y’all heard about this new version of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn? It replaces all the n-words with the word ‘slave’ due to “a reluctance to teach literature so full of derogatory language.” Now I’m no fan of the n-word, but this just floored me. Replacing the language totally negates the power of the story. As Jack said, next they’ll be putting a loincloth on Michelangelo’s David. Oh wait; they’ve already tried that.
  • I’m suddenly feeling VERY overwhelmed by all the assignments I have due before February 10. Ack! That’s only five weeks away!! This semester is kicking my butt. I think in part because the subject matter is lay me down, I’m falling boring not fascinating to me and also because there’s a lot of written assignments. I like to write. I’m good at writing; it’s just that there’s soo much.
  • Jack and I watched an excellent movie the other night. If you like sci-fi (without confusing/convoluted tech), intricate plots, suspense, action (but not action just for fx sake) and intelligent writing then, you will love ‘Inception’. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Wantanabe and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (remember Tommy from ‘3rd Rock’? He grew up! I loved him in ‘(500) Days of Summer’ and ‘Brick’), this is a movie we’ll watch over and over.
  • We spent the Christmas holiday in the frustrating position of having lost a competition we didn’t even know we were in. Several times during the kid’s downtime we tried to rent or download movies for them only to be told, time after time, “I saw that at school already”. Hmm. Remember when it was the occasional filmstrip on current events and yearly elementary-wide movie extravaganza in the auditorium?
  • Speaking of school, we attended a parent/teacher meeting with Thomas’ teachers yesterday, (Thanks for your prayers; I held my temper and emotions in check.) where we got a very good report. He has an excellent report card, his benchmark testing shows a marked improvement over the beginning of the school year and his teachers say his confidence and attitude are high. Best of all his teachers have embraced his dyslexia and ADHD accommodations as their own ideas and are running with it. There is still no individualized specific dyslexia instruction and we’re concerned about the continuity of his accommodations from teacher to teacher, grade to grade, so we’ll have another meeting the first week of February. But things are improving and we’re still working.
  • We had Emma and Liz’s meetings today and they both had exceptional report cards as well. Both are testing where they need to be and Emma is testing way above average in reading. Their teacher’s only concerns were Emma’s blondeness “absentmindedness” and Liz’s lack of friends. Mrs. Kasel, who treat’s Liz like she is one of her own kids, is worried that Liz is not outgoing enough. She says Liz sits and watches a lot. (Hmm, who does that remind you of?) Any comments? Suggestions?

3 thoughts on “Observe and Report

  1. i kinda like em like they are, what is wrong with being a watcher, or a bookworm or the class clown, i embraced each at sometime of my life and i am not, well kinda weird, ok, i’m weird!

  2. I don’t think everything has to be fixed. She is probably learning a lot more about what is around her because she is opening her ears and eyes. Kaley is still talking about her, so she definately has a friend in California.

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