Sanity Break!

This year Mama and Daddy treated us kids and our spouses to a very nice night out together. We were all given gift certificates to one of the nicest local restaurants and babysitting for the night. Jack and I, my sister Ella and her husband Mikel and my brother Jon and his wife Thea, made reservations, dressed up (Well, kinda. We were clean, okay!), ordered and visited over catfish, boiled shrimp and copious amounts of hushpuppies and green tomato relish. (What can I say; it’s East Texas.)

It was a very special evening and I can’t thank the parents enough for allowing us that little break of sanity and maturity in the middle of this busy season.


2 thoughts on “Sanity Break!

  1. First of all, let me say that I am loving the multiple posts! I know you are too busy when you are working and attending school, so this break for you is a break for those of us who love your blog!
    Second, yea for GrannE and Papa Max! What a nice thing to do for y’all! And a nice thing to do for them, since it gave them time with the grandchildren they aren’t always able to have. At least not all together, very often!

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