As I was saying, we visited Nirvana last weekend.

This will not be our family Christmas card photo.

Yes, the Bennetts were kind enough to host our brood again while we drank in the crisp Fall air, the bright autumn colors and the sheer joy of screaming downhill in a wagon.

That last was the kids.

No one was injured.

Not even Auggie.

I saved you the heartracing this photo might entail.

We took Saturday morning and visited the Pecos National Monument.

Inside a Kiva

We ate lunch at Baja Tacos in Sante Fe. Which tasted remarkably like my MIL’s tacos which is amazing considering she’s never even been to Baja!

I did not take this photo. We had beautifully clear, sunny days to enjoy.


One thought on “Nirvana

  1. i have got to go to Baja Or you MIL’s!!!
    sounds like you had fun, is Jack better?
    i am on the mend
    can not believe how bad it was for 24 hours, still have a little fever

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