Fall Festival 2010

After a humdinger of a weekend in Glorieta –which I’ll tell you about tomorrow- we slid into our driveway with just enough time to throw the kids into costume and leave again for OLUMC’s Fall Festival. For years now our little church has hosted a Fall Festival complete with a ‘Der Dog supper and carnival games, prizes and candy for all ages.

The first one we attended was Thomas’s first Halloween. We bought the cutest little fireman’s costume for him.

This year he went as Rambo. I’m not really sure he knows who Rambo is, but he liked the black paint and wanted to carry a gun.

I don’t think Emma was pleased with her costume. Her eye makeup was a little … bleak. Apparently she wanted to be a beautiful gypsy.

Liz was a beautiful Beauty from Beauty and the Beast. My mama found this costume for her and she loves it. She was the Belle of the festival. (Belle? Get it? From Disney’s Beauty and the Beast? I crack myself up!)


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