Ten Totally Random Observations, Concerns, Joys, Clarifications And/Or Thoughts-That-Are-Just-Skating-Through-My-Mind

I completely spaced on Meridith’s 10 on the Tenth this month so today, because I can’t resist a good bulleted list, I give you ten totally random observations, concerns, joys, clarifications and/or thoughts-that-are-just-skating-through-my-mind.

  1.  Jack has finally received his Medicare. We found a really great insurance coordinator who helped us find good deals on supplemental insurance, we qualified for a discounted prescription drug plan and that led to an application for possible discounts on the Part B supplemental. Yay team!
  2. I only have three more weeks of classes this quarter!
  3. I’m worried about registering for next quarter. My Pell Grant came through and was more than I expected, but still falls about $1,000.00 short each quarter including books and everything. I’m gonna have to speak to the boss about that, so y’all say a prayer he stands by his promise to help me out with this.
  4. We have beaucoup stuff planned for RAs and God’s Girls this next month. I’m excited, but also a little daunted by the planning entailed. Any ideas for a cheap and easy Pastor Appreciation craft would be appreciated!
  5. The puppy has her last shot appointment tomorrow. I must not forget to give her a bath tonight. The way she smells right now PETA would take her away.
  6. Unfortunately the whole house smells like the dog.
  7. The kids had great report cards, but I still came away from parent/teacher conferences feeling a little … unsettled. FYI for all you teachers out there: unless there’s a real problem, like impending failure, the maiming of others or the like, I just want a really short, really glowing report on my kid. This ‘he/she’s doing great, but is a little annoying’ crap really chaps my hide. Of course he/she’s annoying- he/she’s a kid. They’re all annoying. Something you should have learned in the heaven-only-knows amount of years you’ve been teaching.
  8. Of course my kids could be doing better in school. Couldn’t they all be? I really wanted to grasp at this straw and declare my return to classes a dereliction of duty to my kids, but then I had to face reality. My being home for the ‘homework hour(s)’ wouldn’t make a bit of difference. The homework is getting done, the spelling words are getting studied, the books are getting read. My job is to set and stick to good routines, to encourage, to set a good example and to love.
  9. So why do I feel guilty that I took Brooke to school today with no jacket and no backpack? She’s not even my kid!
  10.  I sent my post Grumble, Grumble, Grumble to our local paper as a letter to the Editor last week. They ran it underneath the rantings of our local anti-government zealot and beside a similar letter (same message only with more … authority) written by the Chief of Police. I’ve received a lot of comments. Mostly supportive … some not so much.

4 thoughts on “Ten Totally Random Observations, Concerns, Joys, Clarifications And/Or Thoughts-That-Are-Just-Skating-Through-My-Mind

  1. these thought are really nice, they remind me of our conversations last week and i did enjoy that so much,
    love you and miss you,

  2. Oh…I relate to so many things on your list right now…especially the house smelling like dog and just needing the teacher to tell me things are great and leave it at that! 🙂

  3. oh my goodness K.C. it’s my fault you felt guilty sending my kid to school with no jacket or backpack. i’m sorry you had to carry that guilt. hopefully it wasnt for the whole day. brooke is having a little trouble with responsibility right now. she did get her backpack at school. thanks so much for being there. you are an awesome surrogate mom to all the kids. my girls are blessed to have you in their lives. i dont find your kids annoying. just so you know.

  4. Cheap and easy craft for Pastor Appreciation … do you have access to pine cones and does he have a fireplace? If so, some firestarter pine cones, maybe even with the salts that make the colored flames sprinkled in would be a good choice. If he doesn’t have a fireplace, make some suet birdfeeders he can hang from his trees … from pine cones covered in peanut butter and rolled in oatmeal or sunflower seeds. Or actual suet, which is merely bacon grease that goes on liquid & then allowed to harden, after you roll them in seeds. I can’t remember what the salts are that make colored flames, but I’m sure you can research this online. The feeder ones could be decorated by the kids with different types of seeds or nuts, and hung by brightly colored yarns.
    If I am too late with these suggestions, I apologise.
    Aunt Jo

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