I Am From …

I am from big skys and wind.

I am from tall corn and soft wheat.

I am from fragrant earth and warm tomatoes.

I am from rural routes and farm-to-markets.

I am from turning pages and laughter.

I am from Willie Nelson and Bob Wills.

I am from warm snouts and salty ham.

I am from homemade dresses and crocheted swimsuits.

I am from domino parties and cheese knives.

I am from ‘How Great Thou Art’ and ‘One Day At A Time’.

I am from church on Sunday.

I am from Hee Haw, Wonder Woman, Looney Tunes and The Waltons.

I am from oranges for Christmas and homemade soap.

I am from cheese taters and black-eyed peas.

I am from reading on the front porch.

I am from hot link sandwiches and Dr. Pepper.

I am from unrequited crushes and paper crowns.

I am from drumming basketballs and bus rides.

I am from square bottles of Lauren perfume.

I am from Dairy Queen and trading ice cream cones.

I am from Lazbuddie, Muleshoe, Oklahoma Lane, Farwell, Roxton and Paris.

I am from strong hugs, proud smiles and love. Always love.


3 thoughts on “I Am From …

  1. We are from Faith and Family.
    We are from tall corn and soft cotton.
    We are from slip-n-slides and homemade birthday cakes.
    We are from frozen peaches and the BG’s.
    We are from chores and responsibility.
    We are from strong hands and soft hearts.
    We are from high expectations and complete commitments.
    We are from loyalty and strong traditions.
    We are from snuggles on Sunday mornings and adventures on Saturday afternoons.
    We are from laughing parents and fighting siblings.
    We are from pets, porch swings, and outside breezes.
    We are from Family, and Love. Always love.

  2. you get that from
    a grandma who gave me a sugar tit when the boys ran off and left me
    from a grandpa who let me ride his rocking chair arm for hours
    from watermelons warm from the field
    from a large front porch and tea cups
    from singing all day and songs made up
    from hoeing cotton and sitting on a cotton sack pulled by Aunt Huldy
    from smiles and practical jokes pulled by my dad
    from knowing what Steve was going to say before he said it
    from keeping up with cousins all our lives
    from love and learning and love of learning
    from education of the Bible first
    from daily prayer time with family
    from hearing your name called in prayer by loved ones
    from knowing your “Dees girl”
    from being told there was not anything you could not accomplish
    from love letters from Max
    from not hearing “i love you” enough so learning to say it often
    from hearing arguments but not hatefullness
    from hard words said in a kind manner
    from “you know what i believe, but you need to make this decission on your own”
    from jumping out of barn lofts or being pushed
    from making up stories and hearing stories real and made up!

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