Grumble, Grumble, Grumble

Earlier this week I joined the ranks of many in our fair city who have been stopped by local law enforcement. I’ll be honest and admit that it was a justified stop as I had several traffic violations: someone (just who remains a mystery. Or not!) had obscured my license plates by placing a soda can between it and the hitch, which was just icing on the cake as my license plates had been severely mangled in a trailer incident earlier this summer. In addition, my inspection sticker was past due and my tags, while current and in my possession, were not properly stuck to the windshield. And have I mentioned that my driver’s license was MIA? Well, it was.

Officer Martin was extremely polite and extremely generous in not issuing any of the several tickets he could have, but only pointed out my offenses and wished me a good day. We’ve corrected our mistakes and are rolling legal now and one would think that’s the end of this tale. But it’s not.

In sharing my story I’ve met with a few grumbles about the recent … busyness of our local force. Not everyone agrees with their … thoroughness. Now I’ll be the first to admit that it’s no fun to be po-liced by the police, but it is their job. A job we’ve asked them and pay them to do. And why did we ask them to do this job? So we can raise our families in a safe, comfortable, attractive community.

I feel for the friend who was warned for speeding on Third Street, but as a mother with children who live on Third Street, I sure don’t want her speeding past.

I feel for the friend who was warned about high weeds in his yard, but since I drive past that lawn every day, I’d rather see it looking nice than shaggy, not to mention what those high weeds are gonna spread around the rest of town when the wind blows. And we all know the wind is gonna blow.

So think before you grumble. And if you must grumble, remember there’s a City Council meeting the 3rd Tuesday of every month, where we, as free citizens of these United States, have the right to grumble as often and loudly as we wish.


4 thoughts on “Grumble, Grumble, Grumble

  1. I used to cover city council meetings for the newspaper and I can assure you that the council members let it go in one ear and out the other. Several times after the meeting had adjourned, the council mocked members of the public for their whining. I was shocked by their response!

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