Happy Blogiversary to Me!

Just over a year ago I accidentally stumbled across Ree Drummond’s The Pioneer Woman and became hooked on blogs and blogging. So hooked I scavenged archives, reading entire blogs getting to know folks, believing we could be friends (at least on the interweb) and above all, telling myself “I can do this too.”

So, a year ago this week, I started Average: More or Less.

How’s it been? Well statistically I’d say pretty typical. I’m not gonna win any awards for blog traffic, but I average over 100 views a week. I have four subscribers (hey Brenda, Le, Mama, Grandma) and a couple others whom I know check the site fairly often.

How’s it been non-statistically? Good. Fun. Interesting. Therapeutic. I’ve reported, documented, shared, whined, ranted and entertained (well, at least I’ve entertained myself).

I’ve tried to get to know myself a little better. I’ve tried to know my family and friends better as well. I’ve used this space as a sort of scrapbook with details. I’ve shared some hopes and dreams. I’ve shared some disappointments and struggles. I’ve shared some favorite recipes. (By definition you can’t over-share while blogging. Sharing is the point.)

Blogging is the closest thing to a personal journal I’ve ever had. In a way it’s been better for me than a personal journal because I’ve had to document through the filter of an audience, which causes me to at least try to document fairly. And with the future in mind, because I know there’s a small chance my children will read this blog one day. (I sometimes imagine that this blog might be used someday either as a weapon or a tool by my children’s therapists.)

Coincidentally, this will be my 200th post. That gives me an average of 3.8 posts each week. I’ve looked at them all today and strangely enough, I’m not ready to quit. I’ve got a few more ideas to throw at you. So stick around. I can’t do this without you. Well, yeah I can, I just don’t want to. So please stick around. Please.


6 thoughts on “Happy Blogiversary to Me!

  1. You have done an amazing job of entertaining your aunt! And, as a celebration of your 200th post, I just subscribed so I’ll be sure of reading each and every one! I think you would be surprised at the number of people I have told about your blog! And to every one I told, I highly recommended your blog! I’ve said this before, but will say it again! I love the way you write! I love your strikeouts, and the way you accomplish a change of mind and/or attitude within a sentence! Keep doing this, please!
    I love you!

  2. Your blog keeps me up with you and the kids, makes me laugh out loud and or cry, it makes me smile ALWAYS, and i use it as quotes every week, keep up the good work and know you are a special person, Not at all average, a special writer, a special mom, daughter and wife.
    i love your humor, your ideas and your down to earth play on words.

    i also get to see others who are reading you and the comments they make, it is much better than facebook and much funnier
    i am proud of # 200, just as i was #1 and all the inbetween ones!!

  3. Happy blogiversary!

    I love getting to know others via the blogs they write. This human experience needs support and encouragement, you know? I’m so glad you are going to continue writing.

    And btw….congratulations on having such a neat mom.

  4. Congrats. I’m a first time blogger but I can tell you I got the blogging bug and I don’t want to stop either. My blogiversary is tomorrow and I thought searching for others who are celebrating a year would be interesting. I actually started blogging as a dare that I couldn’t last for a year. I guess I proved my wife, then fiance’ wrong! I haven’t read any of your other posts yet but I will.

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