The Bennetts

Marriage is the ultimate joining of two lives into one. You move out of two houses into one home, you mingle clanging bunches of hand-me-down pots and pans into one workable “set” and you mix all your money into one account and spend like mad.

Also transferred from his or hers to theirs are friends. Mark and Sharon were like that. They were Jack’s friends from journeyman training. If I’ve got my stories straight, they met at the airport on the way to training, all young and excited about the adventure ahead. Knowing Jack (and having heard the story of the family airport scene) I believe Mark and Sharon probably saved Jack from hiding in a hole instead of getting on that plane. They went on together to survive journeyman training and then survived the actual journeyman experience, Jack in Tanzania and Mark and Sharon in Japan.

Mark and Sharon eventually returned to Japan as full-blown career missionaries in Tokyo Bay and have been there ever since. They have three boys, all of whom speak fluent Japanese. Jonmarc is 13, Jonathon is 11 and Jonluke is 9. I expect the family will remain in Japan until Mark and Sharon retire from the IMB. I think the boys will probably stay even longer. It’s their home.

Sometimes mixing ‘his’ or ‘her’ friends into ‘their’ friends doesn’t work, but I think it did this time. I feel that Mark, Sharon and their boys are part of the family that came with Jack and I love ‘em. And not just because they have a wonderful home in the mountains.


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