A Comment on Commenting

I’ve been reading new blogs lately and I’ve been thinking about my old blog friends and I’ve got some things to say.

Some questions to ask.

And a comment on commenting.

I’ve recently linked my blog to Facebook. Of course when I did that I didn’t realize I’d be throwing each post onto the wall of each of my Facebook friends and now I’m a little nervous about it. Sharing what’s in my head with a few random strangers and a few family members is okay- I’ve learned to edit what’s necessary and cater to my potential ‘audience’. Now my ‘audience’ could be a little more public, a lot more local, and a lot less known. Am I ready to put myself out there like that?

I’ve found some really fun blogs out there in the past few days. Blogs of people that I think I’d enjoy knowing. Blogs I’ll definitely check back with for awhile. Blogs I may even add to my blogroll. What about your family, your home, your work you may ask? Well, uh … um, oh! “The enrichment I receive from the community of bloggers benefits me and by association my family, my home and my work.” Yeah, that’s it! Okay.

I’m beginning to get a little worried about Snoodlings. I know moving’s hard work. I just want to know everyone and everything made it okay, don’t you?

Is it natural to get so wrapped up in the lives of total strangers?  Or am I just naturally stalkerish? And are they really strangers anymore? Or was that stalkerish too?

I’ve stopped commenting except for the occasional involuntary snarky remark. Does that make me a bad blogger? I get very few comments myself and although that can send me into the pit of depression but I understand the pressure of commenting on each and every post can be exhausting. Sometimes I just don’t have anything to say about what you have to say. That doesn’t mean what you have to say is not interesting, it just means I don’t have the brainpower to come back with the appropriate snappy/supportive/sharing statement right then. Now, days later, after everyone’s moved on to new, more interesting subjects, then I think of the right thing to say.

Oh, and what’s the protocol for removing someone from your blogroll? I mean I don’t think most of the people on my blogroll know they’re on my blogroll, but what if they do and I remove them and then their feelings are hurt? The thing is, I don’t want a kajillion sites on my blogroll. It’s one of those things that annoy me about other people’s blogs. (Not yours of course.) But I also know there are days when the only reason people pull up my blog is to get to other people’s sites (like my daddy and the 7MSN.) Heck, there are days when that’s the only reason I pull up my site. What to do, what to do …

I’ve obviously given this way too much thought. Whatever. Don’t hold my random rant against Trey and please, please, please check out his sight this week. They’re doing great things in Honduras and could really use our prayers.


2 thoughts on “A Comment on Commenting

  1. Personally your blog is why I even open my computer in the mornings. I cant stand it when there is not new news!! I have been closely following the Honduras trip on Treys website and I would not have received that blessing if not for your blog.

  2. I really enjoyed this post and can so identify with it. I’m not sure what is proper blogger etiquette. Sometimes I comment on comments left on my blog and sometimes I don’t. I also feel weird when no one comments on what I’ve posted and I’ll think that no one is reading. And then i will get a note from someone asking why I’m not blogging more. It’s all very confusing. But fun and interesting. I blog to keep me honest and help me on my journey. I also started my blog to hopefully connect with other people in the same situation. I was thrilled when I received a comment from you, a virtual stranger, who connected with what I wrote. Who felt we were “kindred spirits”. That has led me to start reading your blog and maybe we won’t be strangers anymore, huh?

    Please keep up the blog. i love it!!

    Oh, and I was thrilled when I saw I was on your blog list. Awesome!


    One Fat Chick

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