A Patriotic Celebration

OLUMC had their 4th Annual Patriotic Celebration weekend before last. Liz voiced the Pledge of Allegiance, Emma sang America the Beautiful, Thomas scowled impressively while escorting the Colors and Jack sang beautifully with the rest of the choir. My notable waitressing skills during the fried chicken supper following truly rounded out the familial contribution.

I’m proud of our little church. As I said, this is the fourth year they’ve put on this musical extravaganza –the only one like it in our area- and each year the audience gets a little bigger and the choir a little more proficient. This was our first year to officially participate and we were proud to be involved.

(Please forgive my camera skills. Little sister was right, I did need to clean my lense.)


3 thoughts on “A Patriotic Celebration

  1. well actually, i saw another family who was just a beautiful on the fourth, they were picking peaches–i got six gallons!!
    lovely, polite children they were!!! with beautiful parents–one with one leg of her pants rolled up for a fashion statement!

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