Planting the Future

Back in November I believe I may have mentioned planting some trees from the Arbor Day Foundation. We thought we’d be getting those trees in a couple of weeks, but instead they arrived the day before we left on a week-long Christmas vacation. Then we came home to mucho snow and long-story-short, this weekend we planted trees.

They’re tiny trees. As in maybe our grandkids can enjoy the shade, but they’re a start. Besides, our kids can tell their kids about the day they planted those trees. Now won’t that be a hoot! 


3 thoughts on “Planting the Future

  1. Remember I didn’t think I would get to enjoy the trees (tiny) that Pawpa Dee & I planted, but look at them now. Much good luck with these.

  2. I remember when you planted those trees mom, and it will be a great memomory for the kids, they look ok, do not forget to water them kids!!!
    it is west texas you know
    speaking of water, we have a lot the overpass in front of my office is sliding into the street–Texas mud slide, and the sidewalks are weeping as are the streets–when you run over them it squeezes out water!!!
    see, i told you it was wet!

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