Come Fly With Me

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about freedom. What that actually was, was a synopsis of the first chapter of the Bible study bffe and I are doing together. Writing the post and hearing your feedback helped me to review and internalize what I had studied, so I thought I’d try it again with a review of Chapter 2.

Chapter 2 is called ‘Laying Aside the Old Self: Running With the New Self.’ This has always been a hard concept for me. I like to have a plan or checklist to follow, so the concept of ‘putting on the new self’ as a plan is a little vague for me. Add that to my fear of failure and apparently a pretty strong fear of success and we’ve got a whole lotta going nowhere. Which seems to be where I’m happiest. Read my first post for goodness sake!

As God’s creations we stand out and shine! He made us in his own image! He made us in order that we might glorify Him, so by definition we should call attention. The trick is to call attention to Him and not to ourselves.

My sinful nature is primarily caught up in pride and false humility. I turn away compliments or put myself down hoping someone will contradict me and this is BAD. It may seem meek and modest, but I know it really draws attention to me and not God. Some notes I took while studying include:

  • Anything good that comes from me comes from God.
  • I should have no pride in what I can do, but only in what God can do through me.
  • My works are doomed to fail, but His works endure forever.
  • My life is to be lived for His glory.

Hannah Whitall Smith says ‘the greatest burden we have to carry in life is self. … In laying off your burdens, therefore, the first one you must get rid of is yourself. You must hand yourself … into the care and keeping of your God … He made you and therefore He understands you, and knows how to manage you, and you must trust Him to do it.’ There’s that trust thing again. Trust leads to a new self. The new self leads to shining. Shining lead to aliveness and aliveness leads to freedom. Help! This sounds like a red convertible Thunderbird speeding off a two-mile high cliff. Will it fly?


2 thoughts on “Come Fly With Me

  1. good study, seems less like a red convetable speeding off a cliff and more like just a reminder to say “thank you, I love to _____ and God gave me the ability” what ever it is you do, God is the one, not me, not a “new you” just you AND GOD. it has always been that way, you just have taken credit for it!!!
    you have never been alone, HE was always there, you just did not ask HIS opinion! so trust yourself and GOD, HE is there all the time, and HE is in you and you are making decisions for yourself, children and family thru HIM all the time—trust yourself more
    you are doing a great Job,
    give God the credit for it

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