What is Freedom?

We here a lot about freedom in our society. Freedom from oppression, freedom from illness and addiction, freedom from debt. We champion freedom, we applaud freedom, sometimes we even force freedom, but do we really know what freedom is?

The Bible says true freedom is the throwing off of sin and everything that hinders or entangles. What are your entanglements? What keeps pulling you down, keeps you from soaring or even floating or even occasionally bouncing? How different would your life be if you let go of those anchors? Are you like me, afraid of the freedom?

This week I’m trying to believe the truth that I can have freedom by letting go of control of my life. That I can trust God to take care of us and that, without my machinations, we can soar.

Nancy Groom said, “Once we’ve tasted being alive, we can’t go back to being dead. Aliveness in God is addictive.” I’ll admit that right now I’m afraid of that aliveness. It sounds kinda touchy-feely and loosey-goosey. It sounds as is it would be very hard to fit that aliveness into a bulleted plan or schedule. (I would have made a great Levite.)

I do know that I want the honesty and peace of mind that comes with that aliveness. I do know that I want to want the aliveness. I guess that’s as good a starting place as any.


2 thoughts on “What is Freedom?

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