Calendaring Matters of Grave Importance

So I had to take some time last night and set our DVR for the new seasons of most of our favorite tv shows. Some of these you may or may not have heard of depending on how dependant you are on cable television. Our satellite provider was not able to accomodate our need of major network television out here in the boonies so we have become EXTREMELY dependant on cable. Since our contract is nearly up (!), we’ll soon begin the process to change providers, but in the meantime Jack has asked a very valid question. Will we be able to watch recordings after we switch providers? If not, we may be required to wait until the next hiatus. I don’t want to miss a thing!

  • TNT’s Leverage begins Wednesday, January 13
  • USA’s WhiteCollar begins Tuesday, January 19
  • USA’s Burn Notice begins Thursday, January 21
  • SyFy’s Caprica begins Friday, January 22
  • USA’s Psych beings Wednesday, January 27

Okay, so we watch a lot of USA. They’ve got these great shows plus NCIS and House. What more do you need? I could probably live on the NCIS alone.


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