A Few of the Things Ricocheting Around in My Brain

It’s not much, but it’s what’s there!

-I am WAY past due for a cut and color. I’m beginning to look like Sam, the Looney Toons sheepdog- white hair and all! The week’s wait before my scheduled appointment may make me total blind and oblivious (yet totally alert and canny!)

-Jack is putting the finishing touches on the 09-10 Texas RA Camp Bible Study. He will present it at the state Camp Director’s Meeting this weekend, after which, the study will be available for download from the state RA site. Is this considered being published?

-Bffe and I had our first Bible study meeting-by-phone last night and it was great! The study is good and the discussion was awesome. I’m already excited about next week.

-I’m back on the Isagenix wagon as of last week. I’ve lost three pounds. This would be more exciting if they weren’t three pounds I’ve already lost and gained back. Oh well, a loss is a loss!

-We decided not to attend the Bible study being held at our former church on Sunday nights. Ultimately is just didn’t seem like  good timing. We’ll keep track of the study with podcasts and keep praying!

-I got so tickled at Liz calling a ‘computer’ a ‘pe-cuter’ when tattling on Thomas the other day, that I completely forgot to get on to her for tattling!

-Thomas and Emma received their report cards last week and they both got great grades! Thomas had all A’s and B’s and Emma had all A’s. But the best part was how both of their teachers bragged on them. They’re good kids and I’m proud of them!

-How worried should I be that the director of the nursing home my Mema’s in just called our office to ask the parole conditions of a new hire?!?!

-My internet is down at work!!!! I now know exactly how much time I waste on surfing and blogging: my desk was clear before lunch! How am I supposed to look keep busy without the internet?


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