Flashback Friday- Happy Easter from the Smallwoods!

First posted in April 2006:

We will be traveling to my parents for the weekend. Maybe there we can find some green grass to hide eggs in. Look forward to some great photos next post. In the meantime, here are a few Easter thoughts:

Last night Thomas was looking at a picture of himself as in infant being held by Jack’s Grandma Doyle. He said he wished she hadn’t had to die. Thomas was only two years old when Grandma Doyle died, but he mentions her often (I know, a little weird.) It was a perfect opportunity for us to talk with him about death and eternal life, especially since the conversation took place as we were waiting to open last night’s Resurrection Eggs.

We were able to tell Thomas that although we miss Hay-you (his name, not ours,) we don’t have be sad for her because death doesn’t have to be an end, that it is a wonderful beginning for those who know and love Jesus. Isn’t it exciting to have that kind of peace for those you love! And the anticipation of seeing them again, whole and renewed!

This weekend we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave of sin He willingly entered for us. 1 Corinthians 15:21-22 says that since death came by man, so must life (eternal)come by Man (Jesus;) for if in Adam all die, in Christ all shall live. Jesus is proof of our eternal hope.

This Easter, while you’re buying new dresses, coloring, hiding and hunting eggs, and eating chocolate bunny ears, look around and double-check that you have the assurance of that peace of knowing you’ll see those you love in heaven one day. If you can’t be sure, it’s time for some serious prayer and discussion. Let us know if we can help. And if you’re browsing blogs and this caught your eye but you’re not sure what I’m talking about, drop me a comment and I’ll fill you in.

Y’all have a happy and safe Easter. We love you all!


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