Wintery Weathery

We made the nine-hour trip to my parent’s home last week. It was their turn to have the grandkids Christmas Day. Next year Jack’s parents get them and so on and so forth. Oh sure everyone’s glad to have Jack and me too, but we all know it’s really about the grandkids.

The trip in was relatively painless, but the trip home was excruciating. You see, I’m a weather weenie. Don’t get me wrong I love weather. I’m one of those old people who watch the Weather Channel for entertainment. I love thunderstorms and think tornado chasing looks fun.

I do not however drive on ice. Or on any surface that might possible harbor ice. Or on any substance that might possibly become ice. I do not enjoy riding on ice, or on any surface etc., etc. And I’m not very composed when I have to. There’s a lot of twitching and gasping and wincing involved.

Anyway, this is a picture of our road conditions for about 100 miles of our 500-mile drive.


NOT FUN! And it couldn’t have been fun for Jack either considering all the twitching, gasping and wincing going on in the back seat.

Anyway … We made it home and in relatively good time too. And I do realize that we were much more fortunate than many this weathery holiday week. Grandma counted over 50 stranded vehicles in that 500 mile stretch of mostly farm-to-market roads and that was two days after the big storm.

I hope you and all of yours are home safe and dry.

P.S. I’ve updated the What’s For Supper? page.


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