The Traveling Smallwood Show

This past weekend was very busy for the Smallwood entertainment troupe. Saturday evening the kids were part of the living nativity scene at our church’s Christmas Concert. Thomas and Emma were Joseph and Mary and Liz was an angel. (Figuratively at least.)

Sunday morning the girls sang ‘Away In the Manger’, Thomas and Emma had speaking parts, Thomas played ‘Angels We Have Heard On High’ for the Offertory and Jack taught the lesson. 

Sunday evening we helped a local mission church put on an outreach event called ‘A Night in Bethlehem’. There were costumes, a puppet show and booths where you could try authentic period food, make a dridle, write a scroll with a quill and participate in traditional dance.

So, in one 48 hour period, we’ve exhausted our entire allotment of creativity for the entire year. Unless you ask the girls to sing or Thomas to play. Being young, they have residual energy.


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