Flashback Friday- Be Authentic

First published in April of 2006:
We had Disciple Now at our church this past weekend and ‘Be Authentic’ was our theme. For those of you who don’t know what D-Now is, here’s a brief explanation: D-Now is an opportunity for students to have a retreat-type experience right here in their hometown. We break the kids up into manageable groups (usually by age) and place the groups in volunteer’s homes for the weekend. College kids lead bible study in the homes, where the kids have a great time learning about God and about each other. We had an amazing band (The Tyler Dodds Band) and a great speaker (Brian Swiggart). We did a Soda Derby Race and five Mission Projects. With 11 boys (10 Jr. High, 1 High School,) 12 girls (7 Jr. High, 5 High School,) and 5 South Plains students, we had a great turnout for our first year. Almost as exciting was the amount of adult help we had. Disciple Now fosters a great sense of community and fellowship as well as an excellent chance to present the Gospel to students in a way that they’re comfortable with. Keep the Student Ministry and especially the student minister and his wife in your prayers. The kids are already talking about next year!
Here’s a few shots of the fun.

the Tyler Dodd Band

Zach and Thomas at the Concert

the Coca-Cola team at the Soda Derby

(that’s nephew Matthew with his back to you)

the SonKist team at the Soda Derby

(that’s niece Amberli on the far right)

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