Flashback Friday- We Meet Kaley Dee

I first posted this in March of 2006. Kaley’s three now and has a new baby brother, Payton. That’s him down below. Jon and Thea, y’all sure do make beautiful babies!:

We got to meet our new niece/cousin earlier this week. My brother Jon and his wife Thea brought Kaley all the way from California to meet her Aunt KC (and a few other people I suppose), whom she loves and who loves her. Jon and Thea, I know you’re glad to be home, but thank you soo much for sharing.

Kaley says, ‘Aunt KC is fascinating!’

 Such a sweet face!

Emma, Kaley, Thea, Jon and Thomas pose at McDonalds.


Payton & Kaley- September 2009

Payton- November 2009

Payton- December 2009


One thought on “Flashback Friday- We Meet Kaley Dee

  1. I KNOW these are two of the very cutes kids on earth. And so cuddly. I haven’t got to meet Payton yet, but I know he is very special to me.

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