I joined the millions of Black Friday shoppers this past Friday and although I wasn’t quick enough to get the main item on my list, I did fill in some other holes with exceptional deals.

I shopped alone because my two favorite shopping buddies were miles away with their in-laws and out-laws. Ella, Michelle: Black Friday is just a WalMart full of annoying people without you.

I’m looking at my Christmas list and really all I lack are a few stocking stuffers and a couple of gifts for exchange at Christmas parties. Oh, and A LOT of baking. A full half of my Christmas list is baked goods for friends. Jack and I have practiced the tradition of giving baked goods or homemade candy to friends at Christmas for years. My mama and daddy do the same thing. I remember one year Mama must of made 50 decorated Christmas tree-shaped cakes. Now I think they give away ready-to-serve turkeys and hams. Wouldn’t you love to be on that list!

We’re doing something kinda fun for gift exchange with Jack’s family. Everyone will bring a game (board games, dominoes, cards, etc.) and we’ll play Chinese Christmas with them. Then (I hope) we’ll play a few. I love games, especially those that require strategy. Jack and I are also the reigning Original Trivial Pursuit Champions and will remain so unless someone challenges us to a later edition of the game.

So what are some of the fun things y’all are doing for gift exchanges this year? What are some of your family’s gift-giving traditions and how are your lists coming along? Ideas! I want ideas!


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