Thanksgiving 2009

We had a very nice Thanksgiving with Jack’s family. All the brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and in-laws were present and accounted for which is saying a lot for a group that is ¼ college-age. Of course, we’ve only had one venture out into the land of permanent romance so the scattering is still yet to come.

We whiled away the day playing ping pong,


putting together puzzles, 

and some of us even did homework. Poor Amanda!

We even ate a little, but I didn’t take any pictures of that. It would be too disturbing. Besides I was busy.


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2009

  1. that looks like a good day,
    how is the weather–cold here
    max was at the Mavs game last night
    we are busy at work, lots to do
    we will be there the weekend of the 18th just to see the moms and home on Sunday what day will you come? can we bring you with us?
    let me know
    when is school out?

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