A Long-Lost Friend

I had a conversation over lunch today with a long-lost friend. Of course she wasn’t literally lost. I knew right where she was the entire time, but over the past two or three years our conversations had been getting more and more sporadic and over the past year we’d hadn’t talked in person at all. Honestly, I was beginning to get a complex, so when I woke up thinking about her this morning I decided to keep calling until I found her.

It occurs to me as I type this that that’s how God probably feels about me. Oh I don’t think He works Himself into delusions of possible slights or probable offenses, which lead to major relationship trauma (better known as a complex) over me, but I do believe He misses me. And with good reason. I haven’t been holding up my end of our relationship. It’s so easy to slide through the day without acknowledging Him or His grace in my life, especially if things are going well. One of my favorite songs is Casting Crown’s ‘Praise You in this Storm’, a song that speaks about God’s mercy during our times of trouble. I try really hard to praise God in times of trouble and I mean more than just throwing a ‘Your will be done’ in at the end of a long, impassioned plea for my will be done. I forget, however, to try really hard to praise God in the good times as well.

Blogging has caused me to pay more attention to the people and things around me (I’m always looking for that next post) and that in turn has awakened me to a better appreciation of how truly blessed I am. Look around. Really look at your son or your co-worker or the sky outside. Look for the good or the funny or the beautiful in what you’re seeing. Now thank God for it and find your long-lost Friend.


3 thoughts on “A Long-Lost Friend

  1. I know what you meant by not holding up your end of the deal with God. All I seem to do is worry sometimes when all I should be doing is placing all my cares in Gods hands. Only then can I get the calm feeling of God on my side.
    Finally a day when I thought I would not have a commitment, and BAM Cody and Jared have a Jr. High dance they want to go to. Now most parents would drop their kids off and let the teachers keep an eye on them but not me, I want to see EVERYTHING !!!!!! I am too nosy and worried not to go with them, maybe later when they are older. Honestly how in the world did my babies grow up old enough to go to a Jr. High dance anyway? Now I am worrying again!! GOD!

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