Git Er Done!

I’m working on my 10 on the 10th list for tomorrow, so, since I’m in list-making mode, I thought I’d give you a list of 10 things we accomplished this past week. Here goes:

  1. I read three books, including Austen’s Northanger Abby (which I HAD read before), Child’s Gone Tomorrow, and Koontz’s A Big Little Life.
  2. Jack washed, dried, folded and put away all the laundry except for the clothes on our backs. Of course that was three days ago, so …
  3. I finished clearing out the south flowerbed. Now I’ll move on to the east bed. {Sigh}
  4. Jack finished writing the biographies for the new RA literature.
  5. Emma made 100% on her spelling test and Thomas made 90% on his. They both worked really hard this week. Congratulations guys!
  6. Together we dug up and replanted a 5’, 50 lb. Nandina bush four feet south so it would no longer block the window. How’s that for storing things in their appropriate places?!
  7. The kids cleaned the back yard. I told them to pretend company’s coming.
  8. Jack and I began renovating his old FFA coffin showbox into a power tool cabinet. There are no pictures of me lying in the bottom of the box pounding nails! That would be just too creepy!
  9. I lost 4 lbs.! (Probably from all that heavy lifting)
  10. I used 45,236,256 exclamation points in a post!!!!!

It was a productive week. Here’s hoping we can keep gaining momentum!


2 thoughts on “Git Er Done!

  1. i wrapped and made 126 baskets for my fundraiser
    went to town twice a day for stuffers
    read a good book
    crocheted another baby afghan #7066 third this past week
    Max put the rock floor in my greenhouse
    rode 300 miles on the bike
    will ride 400 on the weekend
    got a pedicure
    got my teeth cleaned
    called people about banquet
    been on the third radio station this week
    is that ten?

  2. Whew, Cassandra! You make me tired! I’m proud of you and Jack. Keep up the good work. (I like to use exclamation points, too!) Tell Thomas & Emma to keep up the great work on their homework. Give the kids a BIG hug from me! Love you guys!

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